10 Point Porta Potty Service Plan

Service The United Site Services Way

At United Site Services, we are dedicated to providing high-quality and reliable portable sanitation services so patrons or employees on your site have a safe and clean portable restroom experience. All of our Service Techs are trained in our leading Ten Point Service Plan to ensure we provide consistent and high-quality sanitation services across all sites.

Porta Potty Cleaning Services You Can Trust

Our standardized Ten Point Service Plan drives the entire organization, so we can consistently provide our services to the highest-quality no matter the environment or location. These practices are backed by a robust quality assurance program to ensure that every site is serviced to the same high standard whether an outdoor music venue, jobsite, sports stadium, industrial site or more.

All portable sanitation units are tagged with a unique QR code that is scanned at the time of delivery, with every service, and upon pickup, creating a digital record of our work on your site. This ensures every single porta potty is cleaned to the highest standard and holds our team accountable to providing high-quality services every time.

Porta Potty Cleaning Service Frequency

To provide the most sanitary experience for the people on your site, we recommend a minimum service frequency of 2x per week.  This ensures that the portable restrooms are clean and safe for use and that they remain fully stocked with toilet paper and hand sanitizer. If your project or event has more people or is operating for longer hours, you should consider increasing your porta potty cleaning service schedule with additional visits and add additional porta potty rentals to accommodate the increased usage.  The experts at United Site Services are here to help plan the right mix of equipment and service schedule for success.

Keep Hands Clean With Hand Hygiene Solutions

Our range of hand hygiene solutions, including portable sinks and hand sanitizer stations, are an easy way to keep hands clean and prevent the potential spread of germs and bacteria.

United Site Services' hand hygiene solutions can be placed near your site's entry point, near food and restaurant areas, outside restrooms, and at other areas where attendees or employees will congregate.

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