Other Services

Grease Trap Servicing - United Site Services
United Site Services pumps grease traps and disposes of grease trap waste at local licensed processing facilities. We... Read more »
Protect your equipment from theft and exposure to the elements with our Storage Containers. Containers are constructed from... Read more »
Designed exclusively for high-rise construction projects because it can be easily rolled to an elevator to where it is... Read more »
Septic Tank Pumping - United Site Services
Your onsite wastewater treatment system, more commonly referred to as a septic system, represents a significant investment... Read more »
Office Trailer Restroom System - United Site Services
Our Mobile Office Restroom System offers your office staff privacy, comfort and security on the construction site with a... Read more »
Street Sweeping Scraping Truck - United Site Services
United Site Services has the expertise and equipment to handle residential and commercial construction sweeping, pre-pave... Read more »