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Outdoor Recreation Centers Need Porta Potties

Monday, March 18th, 2013

parkHealthy recreation is important for children and adults of all ages. Outdoor recreation centers provide numerous opportunities for people to be active while enjoying nature. The majority of these centers do not provide access to indoor restroom facilities after certain hours, and sometimes the facilities are not available at all. For this reason, they rely on portable restroom or porta potty rentals. For maximum convenience, there are particular features of a good portable toilet that outdoor recreation center managers can consider when renting a porta potty.

Most centers will rent basic restrooms that only have a toilet. However, there are advantages of upgraded models such as having a porta potty with a sink in the unit. It is probably not necessary to look at models that have urinals. But sinks encourage center visitors to wash their hands after using the facilities. Since they will be touching outdoor equipment, it will be easy to unintentionally spread disease. If it is cost-prohibitive to rent a larger model, the next best thing is to rent a portable sink along with the bathrooms. And you should have at least one accessible bathroom if the center is open to the public.

When looking at additional features of a porta potty, outdoor recreation center managers should also consider cleanliness and safety. Because the center will most likely be open all the time, you want a unit that can be easily cleaned often. Harsh chemicals can be damaging to the environment so you want to keep this in mind when selecting the type of portable bathroom to rent. The rental company will handle routine cleaning and maintenance, but you also want to know how to take care of the unit.

Because there will be people of all ages using the outdoor recreation center, safety has to be a priority. And this extends to the portable bathroom. You want people to be able to use the unit without worrying about whether or not someone can walk in on them. You can get units that have durable locks and indicators that let others know when the unit is occupied. This is an important safety feature that is worth the additional cost.

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