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Wherever humans gather, there are germs that can make people sick. That means if you’re hosting an event such as a concert or sporting event, or you’re managing a work site, you’ve got to do whatever you can do to keep your guests or workers as germ-free, safe and healthy as possible.

That responsibility is made all the more imperative by the fact that outdoor season is here—with bigger gatherings that feature increased numbers of people in close physical contact, and a whole army of germs that thrive in the warm weather.

So how do you help people avoid passing germs to one another, and deal with the fact that a staggering 80% of communicable diseases are transmitted by touch?

The solution: Portable Hand Washing Stations from United Site Services

Hand Washing Stations from United Site Services are ideal for promoting hand hygiene among guests and workers. They also perfectly complement any portable restroom facilities you may be using at your location.

Here’s why: Hand washing is one of the easiest and most important measures anyone can take to preserve his or her health. It’s the way to prevent guests and workers from passing germs to others—say with a handshake—or from infecting themselves by touching their mouth, eyes or nose. Or contaminating food and beverages simply by handling them.

And make no mistake: Science proves that hand washing precautions are successful. For example, they’ve been shown to reduce the number of people who contract respiratory illnesses such as colds by up to 20% or more.

Want to learn more? Contact United Site Services and let our experts design a custom solution for your needs. They’ll give you full details on our three popular hand cleansing options: the portable sink, the hand sanitizer stand, and the 3-compartment hot/cold sink.

Whatever configuration is best for you, you’re always guaranteed hand washing/ sanitizing equipment that is spotlessly clean, delivered on-time, and replenished with cleansing supplies that allow for heavy usage. It’s just what you need for taking a “hands on” approach to keeping your guests and workers healthy!

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