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When you hear the word “upgrade,” you probably think of exchanging your airline tickets for a better seat. But some of the smartest and simplest upgrades you can make are right here on the ground—with the temporary site services you’re using.

Take portable restrooms for a construction site, for example. Standard toilets don’t flush. But just think of the added comfort and convenience you’ll be able to provide to your workers when you upgrade to a portable flushable toilet from United Site Services (USS), including sanitary hands-free flushing via a foot-pump and hidden waste tank. It can make an enormous difference.

Or what about upgrading from portable restrooms to a mobile office trailer with bathroom? The Mobile Office Restroom System from USS is a freshwater flushing restroom system conveniently installed inside the onsite trailer you already have. There’s no better way to give your on-site office staff the privacy, comfort and security they need—and appreciate.

You’ll be making a wise business move—because when you look out for the needs of your workers, your workers look out for you.


You can upgrade your temporary site facilities in other ways as well. To keep conditions as sanitary as possible, you can move up from simple hand sanitizer stands to portable sink facilities. Put temporary showers on site. And add a holding tank to store the toilet waste generated from a mobile office trailer with bathroom, as well as food waste and grey shower water or freshwater.

Better yet, these portable waste tanks can go wherever your project goes. So if the project moves as it takes shape and evolves, our servicing team will ensure the tank moves with you and your portable construction office trailer.

That’s just one of the ways United Site Services backs every upgrade with exemplary customer service. Our service technicians are experienced, background checked, and highly trained in proper waste management—so you can always expect superior service from our team.

With benefits like these, many of our customers end up asking themselves why they didn’t upgrade even sooner!

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