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When Disaster Strikes, Lean on USS for Support

Emergency Porta Potty

Preparing for a disaster or cleaning up after one comes with an array of challenges. Safety from further damage and loss is always the top concern. From there our minds shift to food, shelter, and water naturally. But an often-overlooked aspect of disaster recovery efforts is proper sanitation services. Losing power, running water, and other utilities quickly put a strain on public sanitation. Disaster victims, first responders, and disaster relief personnel will need access to already limited restroom facilities.

United Sites Services is recognized as the industry go-to for disaster relief and emergency portable toilet services. With over 40 years in the emergency porta potty rental industry, we have positioned ourselves to provide the best services in an emergency situation for the following reasons:

  • In-depth emergency experience which includes responding to emergency situations like floods, landslides, biohazard remediation, earthquakes, forest fires, and more.
  • Meet industry quality standards for a multitude or agencies at the federal, state, and local levels. This also includes the standards of relief services like the Red Cross & FEMA as well as first responders, emergency food, canteen, and medical providers.
  • Awarded a GSA contract by the United States government. In fact, we are the only emergency porta potty rental company to earn such an extraordinary contract to provide an indefinite quantity of emergency portable toilet services and other sanitation needs if and when our government needs it.
  • More locations and resources than any other emergency portable toilet provider. Our 140+ locations across the country and thousands of skilled employees allow us to set up infrastructure quickly. We also can draw from our extensive inventory of over 200,000 top quality emergency portable toilet and restroom trailer rentals and deliver to a disaster or emergency site anywhere in the continental US in 24 hours.
  • A fully operation mobile command center can be deployed at a moment’s notice and comes equipped with the latest technology and satellite communications so we can coordinate efforts even in the worst conditions.

Emergency Porta Potty Rental Services

Standard emergency portable toilet restrooms, or porta-potties, provide a quick and reliable solution to sanitation issues following a natural disaster. Having one nearby can help keep families together and prevent the spreading of disease or bacteria from people from doing their business elsewhere. Each of our units are cleaned, serviced, and inspected to ensure it arrives in pristine condition and is kept sanitary throughout its use.

Restroom trailers offer superior accommodations and more of a permanent feel because they are equipped with full running water, porcelain toilets, climate control, and many other amenities commonly found in a traditional indoor restroom.

Hand wash stations help provide a more sanitary environment for disaster victims and emergency personnel alike by allowing them to properly wash up after utilizing the restroom, before eating, and after tending to disaster relief efforts that can often mean digging through rubble or debris. Each station comes equipped with hands-free foot pump faucets, liquid hand soap, paper towels, and waste trash bags. Hand sanitizer stands are also available if needed.

Portable shower trailers range in size from 24-foot trailers all the way to 53-foot trailers and offer private shower stalls for between 8 and 16 people at a time. Each trailer is climate controlled, has hot & cold shower faucets, and has a comprehensive lighting system. United Site Services has the largest fleet of emergency shower trailers in the United States and can guarantee delivery of said trailers to any location within 24 hours.

In addition to proper sanitation and personal hygiene following a disaster United Site Services also provides the following emergency services:

Temporary power solutions offer electricity in the form of either portable generators or temporary power poles. Our service team can provide electricity for clean up efforts, safety lighting, and much more during the disaster recovery.

Temporary mobile storage can help families gather their belongings in one safe and secure place and give first responders a place to store food, bottled water, medical equipment, and other pertinent equipment and supplies.

Temporary fencing & barricades can provide a much-needed barrier from fallen power lines, road and bridges that are compromised, crumbling buildings and infrastructure, flooded roadways, and other hazardous conditions.

Get Emergency Portable Toilet Rentals for Disaster Relief Efforts

Preparing for the unexpected can be challenging, but USS is always ready to support when a natural disaster or severe weather hits, no matter the scale. USS has extensive experience deploying temporary site services in the wake of tropical storms and hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes, power outages and more. With a coast-to-coast footprint and robust fleet of equipment, USS has the unparalleled ability to mobilize rapidly and deliver what you need when you need it. The USS team is ready to help you expect the unexpected.

To discuss your emergency portable toilet needs contact one of our experts at 1.800.TOILETS.

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