Porta Potty Rentals for Weddings

Enhance your wedding celebration with United Site Services' tailored porta potty rentals, ensuring cleanliness, comfort and seamless integration into your special day.

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Bathroom Rentals for Weddings

United Site Services provides porta potty rentals for weddings, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for both hosts and guests. Our commitment to offering bathroom rentals for weddings contributes to the overall satisfaction of your big day. We recognize the importance of maintaining a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere and deliver well-maintained portable toilets.

With United Site Services, hosts can focus on creating cherished moments while entrusting the sanitation needs to a reliable partner. The strategic placement of wedding porta potties ensures convenience for guests, minimizing wait times and enhancing the overall experience. Our commitment to cleanliness and customer satisfaction makes us the ideal choice for couples seeking to provide a comfortable and well-equipped environment for their guests on their special day.

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Why Use United Site Services?

Choose United Site Services for your wedding porta potty needs and elevate your special day with unmatched service. Partnering with United Site Services means not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of wedding organizers, providing a hassle-free and secure environment for guests on this special occasion.

Shorter lines: We minimize wait times and ensure guests have quick and convenient access to our porta potty rentals for weddings with shorter lines and ample number of facilities.
Cleanliness: Our portable restroom rentals for weddings can come equipped with hand sanitizer stands and portable sinks, promoting proper hand hygiene throughout your event.
Safety: We adhere to both local and federal regulations to ensure a safe and secure environment. Our coordination ensures that wedding guests are happy, and our trucks and equipment are strategically placed to avoid any disruption or safety hazards.

Choose United Site Services for your wedding porta potty needs and elevate your special day with unmatched service. Partnering with United Site Services means not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of wedding organizers, providing a hassle-free and secure environment for guests on this special occasion.

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Additional Wedding Sanitation Solutions

Enhance the elegance and comfort of your wedding celebration with sanitation solutions from United Site Services. Beyond the essential porta potty rentals, consider additional amenities to elevate the overall experience and hygiene of your wedding grounds. With these versatile solutions, we ensure that your wedding is not only a joyous occasion but also a seamlessly organized and hygienic celebration.

Restroom Trailers

Our restroom trailers offer a sophisticated alternative, providing spacious facilities that seamlessly blend with your wedding venue's aesthetic.

Hand Washing Stations

Our hand washing stations strategically placed throughout the wedding ensure guests maintain proper hand hygiene, contributing to a pristine environment.

Shower Trailers

For extended celebrations or destination weddings, our shower trailers offer a refreshing option for guests to rejuvenate.

Temporary Fences & Barricades

Our temporary fences & barricades assist in organized space management, ensuring a smooth flow of activities while maintaining the desired ambiance.

Roll-off Dumpsters

Our Roll-Off Dumpsters contribute to effective waste management, keeping your wedding grounds clean and tidy.

Temporary Power

Our temporary power solutions cater to the wedding's energy needs, powering essential equipment and lighting for optimal functionality.

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Wedding Porta Potties: Frequently Asked Questions

The number of porta potty rentals for weddings depends on several factors, including attendance, length of the wedding, the ratio of men to women and whether alcohol is involved. We suggest that a good rule of thumb is one porta potty for every 8 guests. Our comprehensive portable restroom calculator helps provide an accurate cost estimate catered to your specific wedding needs.

The cost of bathroom rentals for weddings also depends on various factors. Consider the type of porta potties, number of portable restrooms, length of the rental period and any extra amenities. United Site Services offers a variety of extra services within our wedding porta potties package, including restroom attendants, trailers, temporary power, fences, barricades and more. For a free quote, check out our portable restroom calculator online, or call us directly.


Dressing up a porta potty rental for weddings is a creative way to ensure it seamlessly blends with the ambiance of your special day. Start by adding a touch of elegance with a bouquet of flowers or decorative ribbons, which can be easily tied around the exterior. Consider placing a small table or shelf inside for personal touches, such as framed photos or other decor that can be hung and removed without damaging the rental. Incorporate elements that match your wedding theme or colors to maintain a cohesive look. To enhance the experience, provide amenities like scented air fresheners or personal hygiene baskets with essentials like hand sanitizer, tissues and mints.

We offer a wide range of porta potty rentals for weddings that can match almost any budget. However, our portable restroom trailers are more luxurious and come with additional amenities to give your wedding guests a comfortable bathroom experience. These amenities include climate control, sound systems, porcelain countertops, hot and cold running water and more. Consider our different types of restroom trailers to decide the best one to fit the ambience of your wedding day.

  • Platinum Series Restroom Trailer: Our most luxurious restroom trailer for weddings is the Platinum Series, including 2 flushing porcelain toilets, 2 urinals and floor to ceiling stalls for maximum privacy.
  • Gold Series Restroom Trailer: As a great in-between option, our Gold Series includes premium cabinetry for hygiene product storage, large vanity mirrors, chrome fixtures and more.
  • Silver Series Restroom Trailer: Our most affordable restroom trailer is the Silver Series that still offers the basic amenities, such as foot pedal flushing toilets, full-size porcelain sinks, coat hooks, ventilation fans and trash bins.

Beyond wedding porta potties, we offer a comprehensive variety of sanitation solutions to ensure your outdoor wedding day is smooth, safe and sanitary. Temporary power solutions cater to various needs, powering DJ booths, catering services and decorative lights. Hand-washing stations are crucial to maintaining hygiene standards. Waste holding tanks and water holding tanks provide efficient solutions for waste disposal and water supply management.

United Site Services is your one-stop-shop for all these sanitation needs, offering convenience and peace of mind to couples planning their wedding. We ensure that your wedding day is not only a joyous occasion but also a smoothly coordinated and sanitary celebration. This comprehensive approach allows you to focus on creating lasting memories while United Site Services takes care of the logistics to guarantee a comfortable and delightful experience for all attendees.

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