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Porta Potty Rental in San Diego

Porta Potty Rentals for Any Project or Event in San Diego

Everyone agrees: In San Diego, we’ve got the best weather anywhere.

But if you’re managing a construction site or running a special event in the area, who’s got the best porta potty rental in San Diego?

The answer: United Site Services. Whether you have a project site for a new building in Downtown San Diego or a renovation in Chula Vista—or you’re holding a huge wedding in Poway—USS has the porta potty in San Diego for you.

Sure, you may see baby pandas, snow leopards and Komodo dragons at the San Diego Zoo, but at busy worksites and festive gatherings around SDG, you’ll see porta potty rentals in San Diego from United Site Services.


Types of Porta Potty Rentals in San Diego

At United Site Services, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. That’s why we offer you a wide selection of different types of porta potty rentals in San Diego, so you can get precisely the type of units that meet your on-site and budgetary requirements.

Thinking that you want to offer workers and guests just the basic amenities with your porta potty? Or that you want to add a bit more comfort and convenience? Need special types of portable toilet rentals in San Diego for uniquely-configured job sites or worker responsibilities?

This selection of porta potty rentals can meet virtually every requirement:

  • Standard Restrooms. No frills with this basic porta potty model, but it provides the essentials and serves as your most economical option.
  • Deluxe Restrooms. Our #1 porta potty rental in San Diego for construction sites and large events—with several extras that enhance the user’s experience.
  • Flushing Restrooms. Everybody likes the hands-free flushing of these San Diego portable toilets, and the sanitary way the units provide the peace-of-mind of avoiding germs.
  • ADA-Compliant/Wheelchair Accessible Restrooms. For wheelchair-using individuals who need extra room, and moms and dads who are helping their kids learn how to use a porta potty.
  • Trailer-Mounted Toilets. It’s the porta potty in San Diego that’s ideal for on-the-move work crews such as agricultural workers and road crews.
  • High-Rise Toilets. Allows you to position your restrooms closer to your workers on sites where tall buildings are under construction. (San Diego has come a long way since the original “skyscraper,” the old El Cortez Hotel, hasn’t it?)
  • Restrooms with Crane Hooks. Pick them up and move them with a crane. As your site shifts, this porta potty rental moves with you.


National Reach. But With a Powerful San Diego Presence.

With United Site Services, you’re working with a national portable sanitation leader that has 100 offices around the U.S. and serves more than 115,000 customers nationwide.

No one knows portable sanitation like USS. And no one is as big an expert on portable toilet rentals in San Diego either. From our branch office at 475 Corporate Drive in Escondido, the USS team will deliver your porta potty in San Diego quickly and efficiently—always with a homegrown knowledge of local routes and shortcuts, and always ready to serve you anywhere in the southern-most part of California. From Routes 5 to 8 to 15—in every mesa and canyon and all the places in between—we’ve got you covered!


A Few Benefits of a USS Porta Potty Rental in San Diego

Who says Tony Gwynn was the greatest Padre ever? Baseball fans everywhere.

And who says United Site Services offers top-of-the-line service on all its porta potty rentals in San Diego? Our customers do. In droves.

From the Gaslamp Quarter and the Golden Triangle to SeaWorld San Diego and Solano Beach, our customer service team has distinguished itself with its dedication to providing portable toilets in San Diego to our customers. Count on us to:

  • Perform an 8-Point Service Plan on your porta potty rental in San Diego before it’s delivered to you. We make sure your portable toilet rental is spotless, so it arrives at your location in “like new” condition. At USS, we’re extreme when it comes to cleaning, so you never have to worry about unsightly surprises.
  • Make the delivery of your porta potty rental in San Diego a totally hassle-free experience for you. Our teams are highly trained, and act with precision as they drop of your portable toilet rentals in strategic locations that are readily accessible to your workers or event attendees.
  • Give your porta potty rental in San Diego the ultimate in maintenance. While you may get satisfaction from taking a leisurely walk through Balboa Park, we definitely get it from going “all out” to regularly maintain your porta potty rental while it’s in service. On schedule, we pump out the holding tank, clean the unit with detergent, and replace and deodorize the water—ensuring your San Diego porta potty rental is sanitary and user friendly.
  • Promptly pick up your porta potty rental in San Diego when you ask us to. When your job or event is done, we’ll be there to retrieve your porta potty rental at the appointed place and time. We efficiently wrap things up, so you can move on to your next engagement.


With Portable Toilets in San Diego, One Call Does It All

All of the services we’ve described have one thing in common: they’re provided by USS people who are dedicated to making your portable toilet rental in San Diego a success.

You’ll find that’s especially apparent when you ask USS customer service specialists for information and assistance. We’re here to serve you with courtesy and respect. Period. And just as sure as the water is calm at La Jolla Cove, our specialists will give you the reassurance of knowledgeably answering all your questions, such as:

  • “What are the numbers? How many porta potty rentals do I really need at my job site or event? And how much will it cost?”
  • “What types of portable toilet rentals should I be considering? Is one type of unit better than another for the needs of my workers and guests—and for my budget?”
  • “Am I liable for damage to my porta potty rentals? Is it true that if I sign a USS damage waiver, I’ll avoid financial liability?” (Yes, it’s true—so relax!)


We Care About the Environment—and It Shows

San Diego is a beautiful place, and United Site Services is determined to help keep it that way. That’s why we pay such close attention to ensuring our porta potty rentals in San Diego are friendly to the environment. Each portable toilet rental is designed to:

  • Conserve water—an especially important consideration in southern California.
  • Be sustainable. We stock and replenish our units with recycled paper supplies. We also use eco-friendly chemicals, detergents and cleaners—never formaldehyde.
  • Preserve a cleaner outdoors by reducing the impact of humans on streams and outdoor drains.


Bundle Your Porta Potty Rental in San Diego with Other Services

Chances are, if you need portable toilet rentals in San Diego, you may need other temporary site services for your work site or special event—such as temporary fencing, roll-off dumpsters, hand-washing stations, showers, holding tanks, you name it.

United Site Services offers all these services—and more. And the good news is you can bundle them all together to save time and money, and say goodbye to the headaches of managing multiple vendors.

So…start with your porta potty rental, and bundle it with any other USS services you may need. You’ll be glad you did. After all, simplifying your life is good—cutting costs while you’re doing it is even better.


 One of Our California Customers Talks About United Site Services:

”Got a hold of me right away, listened to what I needed and got me what I needed. Understood my budget and got me the toilets at a very reasonable price. The staff was very nice and easy to deal with.” ~ Matt Z.


Want to Learn More About Our Porta Potty Rental in San Diego?

It’s easy to contact a USS customer care professional who can help you with your portable toilet rental in San Diego. Simply call 1-800-TOILETS or click here to complete a quick form. We look forward to hearing from you.


Contact Our San Diego Branch Today

For porta potty rentals, contact our San Diego branch at:

475 Corporate Drive

Escondido, CA 92029


Telephone: 1-800-TOILETS


Branch Operating Hours:

Monday           4:00 am – 5:00 pm

Tuesday           4:00 am – 5:00 pm

Wednesday     4:00 am – 5:00 pm

Thursday         4:00 am – 5:00 pm

Friday              4:00 am – 5:00 pm

Saturday          5:00 am – 1:00 pm

Sunday             Closed


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