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Temporary Fence Rental in Los Angeles

Get Temporary Fence Rentals for Your Project Event in LA from USS

Are you looking for a temporary fence rental in Los Angeles for your construction project in Downtown L.A.? Or for your special event in Santa Monica or Inglewood? Or any other work site or event venue attended by your fellow Angelinos?

In every case, rely on the experts at United Site Services. We’re the providers of fence rentals in Los Angeles that are ideal for controlling crowds and traffic, protecting your site from thieves and trespassers, and in general, helping your operation run smoothly and efficiently.

In fact, we’re the #1 provider of temporary fence rentals in the country. So when you need a fence rental in Los Angeles, we give you a selection as big as Chavez Ravine, and delivery and set-up that deserve their own stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Types of Temporary Fence Rentals in Los Angeles

You’ve got lots of choices with your fence rentals in Los Angeles from United Site Services, and can select from four types of top-quality fencing:

Temporary Fence Panels.

  • Unmatched set-up speed and flexibility with a temporary fence rental that’s perfect for directing crowds and sectioning off areas.
  • Easy deployment and maneuverability: simply deploy with panels butted up to one another and weighed down by sandbags.

Temporary Chain Link Fences.

  • Temporary fence rental that gives you the best in super-strength fortification.
  • Hand-driven at least two feet into the ground—installed in soil, asphalt, sand or concrete for added stability.
  • A much better choice than do-it-yourself, since the posts on a fence rental from USS are 10x stronger than handset posts.

Temporary Barricades.

  • Lightweight solution for directing pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
  • Excellent way to limit your liability from civilians or trespassers who wander into your athletic event, festival, job site or other type of gathering place.
  • Maximum maneuverability for any type of site configuration.

Temporary Privacy Fences.

  • A visually-appealing enhancement for your fence rentals.
  • Provides a neutral background and professional appearance for job sites.
  • Helps protect valuable construction equipment, tools and raw materials from theft.
  • Lessens noise pollution—reducing any disruptions to neighboring residents and businesses.


Your Local Connection for Any Fence Rental in Los Angeles

Did you know Los Angeles County was the first in the nation to reach 10 million residents?

With so many people, it’s no wonder there are a multitude of events and job sites that need a temporary fence rental—a need that United Site Services is uniquely qualified to meet.

From our local branch office at 19034 E. Arrow Highway in Covina, we can quickly deliver your temporary fence rental in Los Angeles to your site, no matter where you are in the area. Whether you’re hosting a concert in the Valley or constructing an apartment building in Pomona, you’ll receive your fence rental on time, at precisely the right place, according to your exact specifications.

And if you need an on-site consultation about your temporary fence rental in Los Angeles, we’re here for you. Our team of United Site Services experts is based in our local office (plus other USS offices in L.A. County), so we’re always close at hand and can give you the on-site, in-person assistance you’re looking for.

You see, we’re local people all the way. Like you, we root for the Dodgers, Rams, Lakers and Kings. We enjoy spending a day at Venice Beach. And we also spend plenty of time on the 405, the San Bernardino Freeway and the 105. But above all, we’re professionals who are dedicated to making sure you get the fence rental in Los Angeles that’s absolutely right for your event or project—every time.


You Get Superb Service with Your Fence Rental in Los Angeles

With your temporary fence rental in Los Angeles, it’s not just about the fencing itself—it’s also about the customer service that backs up every rental. Our professionals will:

  • Deliver and pick up your fence rental on schedule—like clockwork—with no delays or surprises.
  • Set up and take down your fence with speed and precision.
  • Be courteous and helpful—and treat you as the valued customer you are.

In addition, every fence technician who works for USS undergoes a thorough background check and drug testing. So we’re always able to send top-quality people when we deliver, set up and pick up your temporary fence rental in Los Angeles. You’re always assured of a team that’s extremely diligent and highly motivated to make your event or project a resounding success.

Managing a building site in Ontario or Chino? Or hosting a wedding in Westside that seems to have a bigger turnout than a game at the Colosseum? No problem. Our temporary fence rental team is ready to serve you.


USS Fence Rental in Los Angeles Makes Your Site More Secure

To thieves, your construction site can be as tempting a target as a row of trendy stores on Rodeo Drive. In fact, according to an industry study conducted by DEWALT, more than 50% of the project managers and contractors who were surveyed said they’d had equipment or tools stolen in the past 12 months. And 77% of that group said they’d been victims of theft up to five times a year in the past three years.

Clearly, when you get a fence rental, you need to be sure it offers maximum protection from theft or vandalism. The good news is that at United Site Services, we make the security of your site a top priority. Our team is trained to take all necessary steps to secure your perimeter and overall site, and to ensure your fence rental in Los Angeles will help protect what’s yours.


Three More Reasons to Get Your Temporary Fence Rental in Los Angeles from USS

You probably know there are more cars than people in Los Angeles. But do you know there are also three excellent reasons to get your temporary fence rental from United Site Services—above and beyond the benefits we’ve already outlined? Consider that with USS, you can:

  1. Lock in a price that’s affordable. Why pay fencing prices that are even steeper than Eldred Street in Highland Park (a street that’s steeper than anything in San Francisco, by the way)? Instead, turn to USS for our affordable rates on temporary fence rentals. Plus, USS prices are all-inclusive, because they cover delivery, installation, emergency support lines and pick-up—in short, everything.
  2. Tap into our large inventory. Count on us to always have enough inventory in stock in our Los Angeles branch. But in the unlikely event we don’t, we’ll quickly access our inventory in neighboring offices or our regional warehouses. The result: you ALWAYS get your fence rental in Los Angeles in a timely fashion. We’ve got more fencing panels than there are tourists taking selfies at Universal Studios.
  3. Rely on built-in durability. Your fence rentals can withstand mistreatment by humans, run-ins with machinery and vehicles, and even those rare days when L.A. experiences extreme weather. That’s because they’re made of high-quality materials and properly installed for maximum strength.


Bundle Your Temporary Fence Rental in Los Angeles with Other Services

In most cases, getting a temporary fence rental isn’t the only logistical task that’s been entrusted to you. Far from it.

Rather, you probably have to secure all types of services for your job site or event, which involves researching, pricing and ordering the services on an a la carte basis. That’s a lot of work, and it’s why, as an alternative, USS is pleased to offer you a full array of temporary site services you can bundle with your temporary fence rental.

For example, besides your temporary fence rental, do you also need porta potty rentals or dumpster rentals? How about a VIP luxury restroom rental to provide guests with added comfort? Hand-washing stations?  In every case, you can get these services (and many others) from USS—bundled together into a convenient, cost-effective package that saves you time and money.


A Customer Talks About USS

“SUPER fast and efficient. Got our fence put up around our garage sale at church. They were done in a jiffy and super nice! Thank you!!” ~ Becky B.


Want to Learn More About Our Temporary Fence Rental in Los Angeles?

Let’s talk about your temporary fence rental in Los Angeles. Simply call 1-800-TOILETS or click here to complete a quick form. We’ll be glad to answer any of your questions and show you just how easy it is to get started with your temporary fence rental.


Contact Us at Our Los Angeles Fence Rental Branch Today

 Our branch for Los Angeles fence rentals is located at:

19034 E. Arrow Highway

Covina, CA 91722


Telephone: 1-800-TOILETS


Branch Operating Hours:

Monday           4:00 am – 5:00 pm

Tuesday           4:00 am – 5:00 pm

Wednesday     4:00 am – 5:00 pm

Thursday         4:00 am – 5:00 pm

Friday              4:00 am – 5:00 pm

Saturday          5:00 am – 1:00 pm

Sunday             Closed


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