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Porta Potty Rental in Denver

Denver's Top Choice for Clean Porta Potty Rentals

Have a construction crew hard at work on a building in Denver’s Central Business District? Or are you hosting an athletic event in Aurora? A corporate gathering in Littleton?

In every case, for the comfort of your guests and for your personal success, it’s important you find the right porta potty rental in Denver for your designated location.

Fortunately, the experts at United Site Services make it easy for you to get your porta potty rental in Denver quickly and cost-effectively—and back it with cleaning and maintenance services that are the best in the portable sanitation business today.

Here’s what you should consider when you rent a porta potty in Denver, and why you should pick USS as the provider who meets all your Denver porta potty requirements.


Be Sure Your Porta Potty Provider in Denver is Here Today—Here Tomorrow

You don’t want to mess around with Johnny-come-lately vendors who have limited inventory or spotty service records. That’s like doing Colorado whitewater without a raft.

Instead, turn to United Site Services. We’re a national leader with 100 offices across the country—a company that has served more than 115,000 customers and provides outstanding service that keeps our satisfied clientele coming back for more.

When you rent a porta potty in Denver from us, you can rest assured we’ll be there to give it its scheduled cleanings, and to pick it up when your project or event is complete. And then, for your next engagement in Capitol Hill or Lakewood or Westminster or wherever you’re operating—we can provide whatever Denver porta potty rental you need in the future.


Types of Porta Potty Rentals in Denver

Whatever you need, we’ve got.

Just as sure as a Denverite enjoys cycling through Confluence Park, we offer a varied selection of portable toilet rentals in Denver for every project or occasion.

For starters, you can elect to get the basics with Standard Restrooms, add some extras with Deluxe Restrooms (our most popular unit), or provide users with the comfort and convenience of sanitary hands-free flushing with our Flushing Restrooms.

You can also choose from a special Denver porta potty selection that’s geared to different types of work sites, such as our Trailer Mounted Toilets for on-road work crews, High-Rise Toilets for teams working on tall buildings, and Restrooms with Crane Hooks for sites where the unit needs to be constantly moved. These are all great porta potty solutions for boosting worker productivity.

And then there are the ADA-Compliant/Wheelchair Accessible Restrooms offered by USS. Designed for handicapped individuals who need extra room to maneuver, they’re also useful for parents who need to accompany their kids to a porta potty in Denver.


Always Go Local When You Rent a Porta Potty in Denver

Even though United Site Services is a national leader, we’re still local to Denver and have strong roots in the community.

We’ve supported the Denver Marathon with our services. Our employees are as pure Denver as John Elway, Blake Carrington and the Unsinkable Molly Brown. And from our office at 6015 E. 58th Avenue in Commerce City, we deliver portable toilet rentals in Denver to satisfied customers throughout the Mile High region.

We also have offices in Windsor and Colorado Springs, ensuring we’ve got you covered, no matter where you are in greater Denver.

So, yes, we’re pleasing customers from coast to coast. But we’re also in the thick of things on I-25, I-70, the 470s and every route and back road where someone needs fast delivery when they rent a porta potty in Denver.


A Few Benefits of a USS Porta Potty Rental in Denver

It’s as clear and powerful as the sounds that ring out at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Service matters. And no one provides better service when you rent a porta potty in Denver than United Site Services. We offer you:

  • 10-Point Service Plan. Every porta potty rental in Denver arrives at your site in pristine condition, looking as pure as the snow at the top of Mount Evans. That’s because we put each unit through a complete 10-Point Service Plan to clean it and make it “like new” before it’s delivered to you.
  • Highly-trained Service Technicians. At USS, we hire the best people to service your portable toilet rental. Our Service Techs are all background checked, go through a rigorous training process, and take pride in making your porta potty rental in Denver a success.
  • On-schedule delivery and pickup. Don’t worry about missed deadlines. United Site Services will drop off and pick up your porta potty rental in Denver at the scheduled date and time—without any aggravating delays.
  • Ongoing maintenance. We take care of your porta potty rental for as long as the unit is in service at your site. Our team will perform scheduled maintenance that includes pumping out the holding tank, sanitizing and cleaning each unit, and replacing the special detergent solution in the water to deodorize the unit and help eliminate germs.


Look for a Provider Who Puts a High Priority on Going Green

Last time we looked, Denver was ranked as one of the healthiest cities in the country, with many residents who enjoy active lifestyles and the natural wonders around us. USS shares Denver’s commitment to health and the environment. When you rent a porta potty in Denver from USS, you can count on us for:

  • Water conservation. According to the Portable Sanitation Association, portable toilets save 125 million gallons of water around the world every day. Your porta potty rental in Denver will help make a difference.
  • Recycling and sustainability. At United Site Services, we supply all of our portable toilet rentals with recycled paper products. We also use eco-friendly chemicals, detergents and deodorizers in our units, but never formaldehyde.
  • Cleaner Outdoors. Porta potty rentals in Denver from USS reduce the impact of humans on streams and outdoor drains that are vital to supporting life.


Turn to Denver Experts Who Can Answer All Your Questions

Would you rather hug the Blue Bear in front of the Colorado Convention Center, or speak with a USS customer service representative? Either way, you’re experiencing the best of Denver and “feeling the love.” At USS, our team of experts will answer any question you may have when you rent a porta potty in Denver, including:

  • “How many porta potty rentals will I need at my job site or event?”
  • “Which type of porta potty in Denver best meets the needs of my workers or guests, and also fits within my budget?”
  • “How do I free myself from financial responsibility if a porta potty is damaged at my location?” (Our recommendation is to sign one of our damage waivers.)
  • “What if I have questions when I rent a porta potty in Denver? What if an issue arises on my portable toilet rental that needs to be addressed immediately?” (Our highly-skilled team is always ready to serve you.)


Bundle It! Combine Your Porta Potty Rental in Denver with Other Services

Take a look at all the “14er” peaks in Colorado that rise above 14,000 feet—and you’ll agree there’s strength in numbers.

Likewise, when you look at all the different top-quality services offered by USS—and realize just how much you’ll benefit when you bundle these services together with your porta potty rental in Denver. Strength in numbers indeed.

Need temporary fencing at your location to control crowds? Turn to USS. How about dumpsters to collect refuse? Again, turn to USS. The fact is, when you rely on United Site Services for a wide array of temporary site services—and bundle them together with your portable toilet rental—you’ll save time and money.  And you’ll relieve yourself of all the headaches of contacting multiple vendors and managing a complicated process.


Here’s What One of Our Denver Customers Is Saying:

“SERVICE is the key word in describing United Site Services. We have appreciated their attention to detail in working with us for the planning of our event, the Denver Marathon, and especially for their services on race day.” ~ Ron K., Denver, CO


Get the Full Story on Porta Potty Rentals in Denver

Call us at 1-800-TOILETS today. You’ll be impressed at how helpful and courteous our customer care professionals are to you—whether you’re inquiring about a porta potty rental in Denver or other USS temporary site services. You can also click here to complete a quick form. We look forward to hearing from you the next time you rent a porta potty in Denver.


Contact Our Denver Porta Potty Branch Today

Our local Denver branch is located at:

6015 E. 58th Avenue

Commerce City, CO 80022


Telephone: 1-800-TOILETS


Branch Operating Hours:

Monday           5:00 am – 6:00 pm

Tuesday           5:00 am – 6:00 pm

Wednesday     5:00 am – 6:00 pm

Thursday         5:00 am – 6:00 pm

Friday              5:00 am – 6:00 pm

Saturday          6:00 am – 2:00 pm

Sunday             Closed


Services Available at This Location:

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