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Temporary Fence Rental in Texas

Your Reliable Source for Rent A Fence in the Lone Star State!

United Site Services is the top choice of industry professionals for all Texas temporary fencing needs. Our temporary fence rental in Texas is the perfect solution to sectioning-off areas and directing traffic during events or construction projects.

Each TX temporary fence rental is simple to erect, reposition, and remove when your project calls for them. Our Texas temporary fence rentals come in a variety of sizes and lengths to suit each of your needs. United Site Services can help you secure a large construction site, corral crowds at a concert, or screen a residential renovation in TX. No matter the project you can count on United Site Services to get the job done on time, in a professional manner, and at an affordable price.

Finding a temporary fence rental in Texas might seem like an easy job, but sifting through third-tier providers can be a taxing ordeal. Texas is full of sub-quality fence rental companies that over promise and under deliver. Thankfully, United Site Services leads the Texas temporary fence rental market covering every major city including:

Our Texas temporary fence rental business has a variety of options to choose from including:

Temporary Fence Panels

Our durable steel fence panels are delivered swiftly and installed by qualified technicians. The panels come in 6′ x 12′ and 8′ x 10′ sizes and are perfect for construction sites, remodeling jobs, and for crowd control at special events and concerts in Texas.

Temporary Chain Link Fence

Temporary chain link fence rentals are driven into the ground so they can withstand even the toughest Texas weather conditions. These types of fences are ideal for security and construction fencing and can be installed on any surface. A Texas temporary fence rental specifically requires a deeper hole because the first foot of Texas soil is considered unstable. Our local technicians understand the TX terrain well and know to dig at least a foot deeper than most states to get a secure footer.

Barricade Rental

Our lightweight Texas temporary barricades are sturdy and work great to cordon off unsafe areas and direct crowds properly during special events or on construction sites. Each barricade is free-standing at 43” tall, 90” in length, and weigh roughly 30 lbs so you can easily relocate and reconfigure them on site should the need arise.

Temporary Privacy Screen

A temporary fence rental in Texas isn’t complete without a privacy screen to enhance temporary fencing by providing a neutral background and professional look for events and job sites. They can shield your site from dust, high winds, and would be thieves passing by. Each privacy screen is made of a highly durable colored fabric that won’t rip in high winds and will also act as a buffer for noise pollution.

Uses For A Texas Temporary Fence Rental:

  • Construction Projects where the fences can act as a crowd barrier, noise buffer, security measure, or keeping the dust and wind at bay during operations.
  • Concerts, Carnivals, and Parades where they act as a barrier between the crowd and the event. They can also direct vehicular and pedestrian traffic for parade routes, ticket lines, or as stage barriers.
  • Sporting Events such as golf or volleyball tournaments to section off spectators from athletes.
  • Farmer’s Markets, Black Friday, & Other Special Events as means to direct customers, create customer waiting lines, section off parking lots, and more.
  • Races, Walks, & Obstacle Courses such as charity walks, 5K’s, marathons, and more.

Here’s Why Our Clients Choose Us For Their Temporary Fence Rental In Texas:

  • Reliability – Our delivery, setup, servicing, and pickups are always on time, professional, and handled by background-checked service technicians.
  • Durability – Our equipment is durable and made of high-quality materials.
  • Affordability – Our rates are affordable and Texas market competitive.
  • Inventory – We nearly always have enough inventory in stock locally, and we ALWAYS have the ability to ship the temporary barricades you need in from nearby regional warehouses within a very reasonable timeline.

A Texas temporary fence rental is far from a commodity and United Site Services is the top provider in Texas for a reason. No matter how large or small your job is, United Site Services will take the stress out of planning your temporary fence rental. Our highly experienced staff will help you determine the type of TX temporary fence you will need, how much of it, and coordinate delivery, installation, and removal so you can check one more item off your to-do list.

To rent a fence in TX, fill out our online form or call 1-800-TOILETS today!

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