Productivity Hacks

Did you know that our dedicated account managers will guide customers through the entire process of ordering portable sanitation for their events, ensuring the needs are properly evaluated and met? It's true! From the initial consultation to the on-site restroom or fencing delivery all the way through to pick up; our team provides the resources to make events a stress-free success.

Here are some helpful "hacks" to make life easier, if you are planning an event - like a handy re-order reminder. Check out our helpful list below.

1. Use calendar alerts liberally

Managing, planning and executing an event comes with plenty of deadlines. Set yourself a reminder for tasks when they are due. Below is our tool to help you reorder your site services for your next event.  No matter what calendar you use we have you covered. Choose your calendar below to set a reminder to reorder with United Site Services.

iCalendar  •  Google Calendar  •  Outlook  •  Outlook Online  •  Yahoo! Calendar

2. Organize checklists

Set aside 20-30 minutes each morning to plan out what your day needs to look like in order to be successful. Planning out the tasks you need to accomplish can help organize items that are a top priority.

While you do, add the important item to reserve your site services (portable toiletshand washing sinksbarrier fencesrestroom trailers) to your list. Adding this item to your checklist will help you remember to get in touch with your account manager for your upcoming event. We have the custom solutions to fit your event needs. Go ahead, add it to the list.

3. Find your time of day

Some of us are early risers and some of us are night owls.  If your work allows for a more flexible schedule, find the time of day that you work best and try shifting your most important tasks to that time of day.

Identify your most productive time.

4. Step away from social media

Becoming distracted can happen very fast and social media doesn’t help.  It is amazing we get anything accomplished with the email distractions aside from social alerts, posts from college roommates, requests to link or be your friend, pictures of baby goats and co-workers dropping by your desk.  Do yourself a solid and step away from social media for a few hours.


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