3 Easy Steps to Unclogging Your Toilet & Helpful Septic Maintenance Tips to Get You through the New Year

United Site Services pumping a septic tankIs an overworked and backed up toilet or septic system turning your new year into a year you are all ready to forget? Then follow these tips to maintain and unclog your septic system:

  • Use a toilet auger or pipe snake in your toilet.  Turn the tools counter-clockwise to release the metal coil down the pipe.
  • Flush the Toilet to see if the blockage has been accessed.
  • Further treat the clog with organic bacteria treatment product

If your attempt fails, it is always a good idea to schedule a septic tank inspection with a professional to determine the severity of the clog and to find out if the tank needs to be emptied. 

Septic System Maintenance Tips

  • Do Not flush anything that is not biodegradable down the toilet.  Always use biodegradable toilet paper.
  • If you notice any of these three signs; soggy yard, back up, foul order,  it may be time for a septic pumping by your septic pumping professional.
  • Empty your septic tank every 2 - 3 years
  • On a monthly basis treat your septic system with organic bacteria to break down septic waste.
  • Avoid putting harsh cleaning products and other chemicals down your drains.  These harsh chemicals make it more difficult for the organic bacteria to break down the waste.
  • Don’t flush grease down your sinks!

If you are in CA we offer professional septic assistance. Contact us about your septic system pumping needs.

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