Barricade Rental

Do you need durable, lightweight temporary barricades for your construction site or event? Do you need reliable delivery, service, and pickup?

United Site Services is a national brand with a reputation for high quality equipment and reliable service. Simply order as many temporary barricades as you need and then focus on the more important details of your event or construction site setup. We’ll handle the rest.

When you get your barricade rental from United Site Services, you can ALWAYS expect the following:

  • Strong, durable steel barricade rental, built to withstand even the most aggressive wear and tear
  • Lightweight panels that are easy to maneuver into unique placement configurations or post delivery
  • Prompt delivery (same-day delivery available in most cases) from our skilled fence technicians (some restrictions apply).
  • Reliable delivery, set up and pick up performed by experienced, background checked fence technicians with the finest equipment in the industry.
  • Serviced by local branches with offices near your neighborhood

A lot goes into setting up an event or construction site. You don’t have to time to worry about unreliable vendors for your barricade rental or deal with unreliable service and broken equipment.

At United Site Services, we’ve spent the last 18 years providing quality equipment rentals with reliable, no-excuses service to more than 115,000 satisfied customers. Our enthusiastic customer base has helped us grow to 90 locations nationwide with more than 2,700 dedicated team members.

When you rent temporary barricades from Unite Site Services, you know that you will get the equipment you need, at the quality you deserve, delivered on-time, every time.

To get your free no-hassle quote for a barricade rental, fill out our online form or call 1-800-TOILETS.


Barricade Rental Delivery and Installation

United Site Services has some of the most extensive inventory in the US, with miles of temporary barricades housed locally and the ability to quickly pull from regional warehouses as needed. With that in mind, we still recommend reserving your temporary barricades as soon as possible to make sure we have sufficient stock and staff on standby for your event.

Our delivery staff is comprised of seasoned professionals who pride themselves on providing first-rate customer service and sticking to their delivery schedule for your barricade rental. They will happily set up the temporary barricades for you and take them down when you’re ready for pick-up. Our barricade rental prices are competitive with the market and also encompass delivery, installation, emergency support lines, and pick-up. Whether your project is large, small, temporary, or long-term, you can fully place your trust in us.


Here’s why our clients choose us for temporary barricades:

  • Affordability - Our rates are affordable and market competitive.
  • Inventory - We nearly always have enough inventory in stock locally and we ALWAYS have the ability to ship the temporary barricades you need in from nearby regional warehouses within a very reasonable timeline.
  • Durability - Our equipment is durable and made of high-quality materials.
  • Reliability - Our delivery, setup, servicing, and pickup are always on time, professional, and handled by background-checked service technicians.

Barricade Rental Dimensions, Specifications and Durability

The temporary barricades we offer are free-standing, steel welded making them a heavy duty grade, and have a galvanized corrosion resistant finish. Each module of the barricade rental easily conjoins with other temporary barricades utilizing a convenient hook and sleeve system. These interlocking panels prevent any disconnection in the middle of a barricade line and are equipped with flat T-stands to minimize any tripping hazard. This makes barricade rental installation a breeze while also providing a secure and rigid barrier along even the longest of distances.

Each temporary barricade is 43” tall, 90” in length, and weigh roughly 30 lbs. This lightweight composition allows for your team to easily relocate and reconfigure them on site should the need arise.

An optional upgrade we offer are barricade covers. Our covers are neutral colored fabric to give more of a modern look than plain steel. However, you can easily hang signs on the panels for extra exposure for you or your sponsors at your event. Many companies will create attractive custom barricade covers that attach to our temporary barricades with grommets and Velcro.


Barricade RENTAL Uses

United Site Services’ temporary barricades are a practical solution when you need assistance in controlling or guiding the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic while also safely securing your restricted areas. Our barricade rental will help serve as not only a physical barrier, but a psychological barrier also. This barricade deters guests from entering dangerous or restricted areas.

Our barricade rental is perfect for a variety of events and projects, ranging from:

  • Sporting Events such as volleyball or golf tournaments
  • Walks, Races, and Obstacle Courses such as 5K’s, charity walks, marathons and more
  • Concerts, Parades, and Carnivals for ticket lines, traffic direction, parade routes, and stage barriers
  • Black Friday, Farmer’s Markets, and Other Special Events for parking lots, customer waiting lines, and more.
  • Construction Projects where they act as crowd barriers to ensure public safety and to cordon off unsafe areas.

These barricade fences can be installed indoors or outdoors. We offer them as a barricade rental or for purchase if you have permanent outdoor barricade needs for your business.


Get Your Barricade Rental Now From United Site Services

A barricade rental from United Site Services is an affordable and reliable solution to traffic enforcement, crowd control, and overall safety logistics for your concert or event.

The steel welded barricade fences are portable and lightweight, which gives you the flexibility and speed needed to get your barrier installed as quickly as possible. No matter how big or small the job is, United Site Services has your back. Worry less about temporary barricades and focus more on putting on a one-of-a-kind event

To get your free no-hassle barricade rental quote, fill out our online form or call 1-800-TOILETS today!


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