4 Tips for Keeping Your Construction Crew Comfortable this Summer

Summer on the Construction site: 4 ways to keep your project productive and the crews going

Tip 1. Keep Your Employees Hydrated

It’s hot, it’s dusty & there is work to be done, but that doesn’t mean your team needs to be uncomfortable in the heat. We talked to supervisors, managers, and laborers that gave us the best practice tips for keeping their crew more productive during the hot summer months.  

So you already have a bank of United Site Services portable toilets. Great work, you are likely exceeding expectation already, but what else can be done?

Tip 2. Add Extra Cleaning Services

Add heat to a porta potty and things can get interesting. Regular cleaning ensures the porta potty is properly sanitized and fully stocked to keep the user experience pleasant. Regular cleaning also keeps the facility smelling fresh but adding an additional service appointment to the schedule can make a big difference. The United Site Services 8 POINT SERVICE PLAN ensures reliable, consistent, and safe services for your staff. Adding an extra service will ensure that your teams are taken care of and not having idle time waiting for a usable unit. To add another service, call 1-800-TOILETS.   

Tip 3. Don’t forget the Hand Washing Station!

Help your employees stay clean and hygienic with Hand Washing Stations. The delayed action faucet promotes good hygiene by allowing both hands to be washed simultaneously. In many states, laws require that sinks be placed adjacent to restrooms and provide sanitary hand-washing. Moreover, having the right amount of sinks properly located means less waiting time for your crew.

Tip 4. Have a large construction site and office visitors? Consider a Restroom Trailer

Our commercial grade Restroom Trailers are an ideal choice for construction sites or commercial sites with visitors. These durable and spacious trailer rentals are available in a variety of layouts with flushing toilets, porcelain sinks, and partitioned stall areas, with separate areas for men and women. Most feature porcelain urinals and sinks with soap, towel dispensers, and trash basket.

Check out a Heavy Duty Restroom Trailer to see if it would improve your site.

As a leading provider of porta potty, temporary fencing, and other construction site services including roll off dumpsters, we like to hear what works on a site and what doesn’t so we can share with our construction community. Check back with us throughout the year for more tips!

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