Silver Series

Multimedia Assets

Our Silver Restroom Trailer rentals are a popular choice for most special event needs, providing a flushing restroom with interior lighting, multiple partitioned stalls, sinks, vanities, mirrors, coat hooks, concealed plumbing, hot and cold running water, chrome fixtures, and heat and air conditioning. A fold-down changing table and separate entry and exit on both men’s and women’s sides are also available in some trailers. Solar Restroom Trailers are equipped with solar cells that power lighting, ventilation and the flushing mechanism to offer the most environmentally friendly portable restroom experience.

The men’s restroom trailer rental side  features one waterless urinal, flushing toilet, sink, and trash receptacle. Women’s side has one flushing toilet, sink and trash receptacle. Trailers offer air conditioning and heating, interior and exterior lighting, powered ventilation, full-size mirror above sink, chrome faucets and lighted occupancy signals.


Lengths range between restroom trailers:
Height = Up to 12 Feet
Width = Up to 9 Feet
Holding Capacity = 750-1200 gallons
Usage = 500-800 guests
Colors and styles vary by location