Protect the health of your workers
and your business

Stay Safe, Stay Clean

Protect the health of your workers and your business

a construction worker wearing ppe and a hard hat

Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, maintaining a safe and clean worksite has moved to the top of everyone’s to do list.

While experts don’t know exactly how the virus spreads, one thing we can agree on is when we create a more hygienic environment we create a safer workplace for all…and that starts in the bathroom.

For years we have settled for cleaning the portable restrooms on jobsites just once a week and not offering enough easy access to wash your hands. But once a week is no longer good enough. Now that we understand the impact germs can have on the world around us, it’s time to set a new standard.

Stay Safe. Stay Clean.

  • Portable Restrooms – schedule two or more services every week so United Site Services can clean and disinfect your units more frequently
  • Hand Hygiene Solutions – add more hand washing sinks and hand sanitizer stations to your site so your crew can easily wash their hands throughout the day

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Did you know porta potties CAN be clean?

You just have to try. Historically porta potties have only been cleaned once per week. However, at the office, your bathroom is cleaned daily and at a restaurant or retail outlet the bathrooms are cleaned multiple times throughout the day. Now it’s time to set a new standard for porta potties. United Site Services, along with leading trade organizations, now recommend servicing portable restrooms a minimum of two times per week.

Did you know standard service from United Site Services now includes disinfection of high touch areas?

Your United Site Services Service Technician will use EPA approved and medical grade disinfectant spray on the toilet seat, seat cover, urinal, interior sanitizer dispenser, toilet paper dispenser, the inside lock, inside handle and outside door handle.

Did you know more frequent cleaning of portable restrooms can help prevent the spread of germs?

Do your part to stop the spread. Add an extra service to your schedule with United Site Services.

a double sided hand washing station and porta potty