Waste Holding Tank Rentals


Our waste holding tank rentals are made of high quality plastic and each one is delivered in pristine working order. Their main uses involve storing waste such as:

  • Toilet waste
  • Food waste
  • Gray shower water or freshwater

These waste holding tank rentals are especially popular for construction site office trailers. These projects are often temporary and are constantly moving and evolving as the project takes shape, so a portable holding tank rental is the ideal solution for such cases. When your project moves, our servicing team is happy to move with you. They will carefully move the holding tank and make sure everything is functioning at its new job site.

United Site Services has built a stellar reputation because our customer service and delivery teams are friendly, dependable, and bring a wealth of expertise to your project and its many needs. Each team member is background checked and highly trained in proper waste management so you can expect superior service at every interaction.


Our technicians pride themselves on the following:

  • Delivering and servicing on schedule, every time
  • Servicing often to keep your septic system functioning and minimizing odors from the holding tank rental
  • Prolonging the life of your septic system by sharing their industry knowledge on best practices regarding the upkeep of your system and the holding tank
  • Keeping detailed records of each septic tank service they perform so no servicing slips through the cracks
  • Keeping the area around your holding tank rental tidy and free of debris and waste

If you are in the market to rent a portable waste tank from a reliable service provider, then look no further because United Site Services is the best in the industry. Our service team is dependable, our prices are affordable, and our holding tank rental does the job right.

  • Holding tank rentals are used for toilet waste and shower gray water
  • Ideal for construction site office trailers or for other bulk-waste storage needs
  • Required for the Mobile Office Restroom System.
  • Slides easily underneath a trailer and comes in several styles offering varying capacities

The portable holding tank rental is ideal for:

  • Construction site projects that have office trailers
  • Permanent outdoor business locations
  • Large special events such as outdoor concert venues, fairs, carnivals, food markets, etc.
  • Any other bulk waste storage needs which require holding tanks for toilet waste, shower gray water, food waste, etc

Get a Waste Holding Tank Rental Now from United Site Services

Construction projects and planning special events come with a wide array of challenges, but storing waste shouldn’t be one of them. United Site Services offers holding tank rentals for a wide variety of uses so you can properly store food waste, toilet waste, and shower gray water.

United Site Services holding tank rentals come with curbside delivery, pick-up, and complete servicing. Our skilled delivery team prides themselves on their strict attention to detail when it comes to delivering and servicing your holding tank rental. The team maps out an ironclad servicing plan based on your project or events specific needs. If more or less servicing is needed, you can let our customer service or service team know and we can adjust the servicing schedule.

When you need reliable service, affordability, and the best holding tank rental available you can always count on United Site Services.

(Inventory varies by location and is subject to availability)

  • Flexible service schedules based on usage and needs
  • Capacities range from 100 – 300 gallons
  • Are easily placed underneath office trailers

Optional Upgrades include:

  • High waste alarm which alerts you when your septic holding tank is getting too full so you don’t overflow or damage your internal septic system or the holding tank rental.
  • Winterization package so your holding tanks contents do not freeze in extreme cold weather conditions and cause any unwanted backup

(Inventory varies by location and is subject to availability)


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