Hydroflow Restrooms


Hydroflow Restrooms For Off-The-Grid Environments

Hydroflow Restrooms from United Site Services are the ideal solution for any site requiring temporary sanitation. The closed drainage system creates an even more hygienic environment, so you can always count on a clean and fresh experience, even if the water supply is limited.

Elevate your portable restroom experience

This new flushing Hydroflow Restroom is made up of a modular system of restrooms connected to a mobile pump and waste evacuation vacuum system is easy to transport, easy to set up and can be configured in a wide variety of combinations to fit your needs. Plus, it saves on fresh water while providing the cleanest experience for every person.

Get the Cleanest Experience

The Hydroflow Sanitation System utilizes clean, reliable vacuum flush technology that has been applied in aviation and shipping for years. The system runs on a Hydroflow pump and can be connected to either local water and sewage lines or holding tanks provided by USS for a truly off-the-grid environment. This vacuum technology evacuates the toilet after each use, preventing any residual traces or odors.

  • Modular system with three restroom stalls per group
  • Equipped with vacuum flush technology to evacuate the toilet bowl after every use Closed drainage system provides maximum hygiene
  • LED lights in every cubicle for best user experience
  • Collapsible and stackable for easy installation
  • A service cadence to meet your needs, including sanitizing and restocking supplies 

If you anticipate that you may need to rent Hydroflow restrooms in the near future, give us a call to discuss your project or request a quote online and learn about this new technology.”

in specifications please delete – “Small Pump Maximum Capacity 15 restrooms Size Power Requirement 240 Volt Three Phase 30 amp”

Hydroflow Restroom Product Specs

  • Units per Module 3
  • Unit Size 32”
  • Module Size –  7’6” x 4’ x 8’ (LxWxH) 1525 lbs
  • Set Up requirements include the need for: level ground with 3’ of space behind the module
  • Delivery, set up and pick up performed by experienced, background checked technicians with the finest equipment in the industry from local branch locations near your neighborhood.

Hydroflow Pump Vacuum Flush Technology

Vacuum and macerator pump to service the Hydroflow Sanitation System.

  • Industrial-grade unit with sound insulation
  • Contains all water, wastewater and electric connections inside (electronics in a water resistant container)
  • Easy to service through, hinged doors and LED light illumination
  • Reel box to store and transport hoses
  • CE and UL Certified.

Small Pump

  • Maximum Capacity 15 restrooms
  • Size
  • Power Requirement 240 Volt Three Phase 30 amp

Medium Pump

  • Maximum Capacity 30 restrooms (example: 10x Standard Flush Vac Restroom Units)
  • Size 3.9’ x 7.9’ x 3.9’ (LxWxH)
  • Power Requirement 480 Volt Three Phase 60 amp

Large Pump

  • Maximum Capacity 60 restrooms (example: 20 Standard Flush Vac Restroom Units)
  • Size 8’ x 4’ x 8’ (LxWxH)
  • Power Requirement 480 Volt Three Phase 60 amp

 Learn about the different elements of Hydroflow Restroom rental costs here.


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