Ambient Pump System


The Ambient Pump System, exclusively for Office Trailer Restroom Systems, is the perfect addition for sites that want or are required to have a hot water connection for their office trailer sink. Our team will install the system in your office trailer bathroom with a sink already inside. The Ambient Pump System is an excellent compliment to our Office Trailer Restroom System which includes water source, flushing toilet and waste tank below your office trailer.

Here’s what you get with the Ambient Pump System from USS:

  • Allows hand washing in an office trailer when outside water is not accessible
  • Customer supplied watered; no service calls
  • Water can be used for drinking as well as hand washing

(Inventory varies by location and is subject to availability)

  • Electrical Requirement: 110 volt /15 amp connection
  • Pump Output: 3.6 Gallons per Minute (GPM)
  • Water Pressure: 45 PSI

(Inventory varies by location and is subject to availability)


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