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Street Sweeper Rental

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***Our street sweeping/scraping services are available in select markets in northern California and Reno, NV***

Our customers consistently keep relying on United Site Services because they know we will do the job right the first time as one of the best street sweeping companies around. We provide straightforward, cost-effective street sweeper rental options for every size project, saving you time and money on street and job-site cleanup.

Clean streets provide a safe, healthy, and attractive environment for all users of the roadway. Not only does it make for a better-looking street, but regular sweeping can help keep gutters clean and prevent automotive fluids and various other potential contaminants from polluting local waterways and water supplies.

Our street sweeping crew works around the clock and are happy to fit our street sweeper rental services to your schedule. However, we do recommend performing commercial sweeping after business hours to avoid interruptions to your job site, daily business activities, and because fewer cars mean our team can be more thorough. Power sweeping can be performed on parking garages, parking lots, sidewalks, and a variety of other exterior sites

Our street sweeper rental trucks are economical and state of the art. That means you get the best street sweeper rental system at an affordable price because we can provide a precision cleaning in less time than any other street sweeping companies in the neighborhood. Our street sweeper rental can clean hard to reach areas where trash typically accumulates like curb-lines, behind wheels stops, corners, and other hard to reach areas. Debris and other items swept up during our service are vacuumed up then transferred to heavy-duty dumpster rental and finally disposed of properly in licensed landfills.

Being that USS is one of the top street sweeping companies in the area, we are trusted by local project managers and city officials to work diligently and at a moment’s notice to make sure their project or clean up schedule is on track with their goals. United Site Services has a proven track record of arriving on time, being affordable, and getting the job done right the first time when you rent a street sweeper from us.

To get your free no-hassle street sweeper rental quote fill out our online form or call 1-800-TOILETS to rent a street sweeper today!

Construction Site Sweeper Rentals

Construction site vehicles such as graders, dump trucks, cement trucks, and other common construction site vehicles leave behind dirt, stones, and mud. Our sweeping services can keep your job on track by removing unwanted debris and dust from the job site quickly and efficiently.

Street Sweeper Rental Service

Each technician is fully background checked, drug tested, highly trained, and licensed to operate the heavy machinery required to get the job done reliably. Our street sweeping time works around the clock and sticks to a very tight schedule so you can trust that we will get the job done right and on time. On the day of your street sweeper rental servicing, they will coordinate with you before beginning to sweep and clean so you can inform them of any special considerations or hard to reach areas that have been missed by other street sweeping companies.


Disaster Relief Street Sweeper Rental

Street sweeping is an often overlooked, but crucial element of proper disaster recovery. When done properly a street sweeper rental can prevent debris, dust, chemicals, and trash from spreading in high winds or getting mixed with flowing water and causing further harm to roadways, local water sources and local ecosystems. We have sweeping experience in a variety of emergency situations ranging from fires, flooding, wind damage, earthquakes, mud & rock slides, and rainstorms.

Rent a Street Sweeper from United Site Services

United Site Services operates a large fleet of our street sweeping vehicles in the state of California and Nevada. No matter the size of the job, we are confident we can satisfy your needs in an affordable and professional way as one of the top street sweeping companies that services your local neighborhood.

To inquire about our street sweeper rental services in CA & NV, fill out our online form or call 1-800-TOILET to rent a street sweeper today.

(Inventory varies by location and is subject to availability)

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Street Sweeper Specifications

Our team uses Elgin Broom Bear street sweepers, which are top of the line four-wheel mechanical broom sweepers that are the most efficient on the market. They feature a large hopper and enlarged water tank, so the sweeping job is more productive and last for a longer period of time before having to dump and refill with water.

The Broom Bear is suited for a variety of situations, but particularly excels when sweeping up granular materials like gravel, millings, and dust. Our street sweeper rental team meticulously services and maintains these vehicles to make sure they are kept in pristine working order, so you get the best sweeping experience for your project from one of the best street sweeping companies around.

Street Sweeper Rental Uses

Street sweeping has a variety of applications ranging from:

  • Local streets and residential streets
  • Highways and Interstates
  • Parking garages & parking lots
  • Sidewalks and other exterior sites
  • Country and farm to market roads
  • Municipal route sweeping
  • Hand and skid-steer scraping
  • Pre-pave sweeping
  • Construction sites
  • Special events like concerts and festivals

(Inventory varies by location and is subject to availability)

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