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Portable Restroom Trailer Rental

Portable Restroom Trailer Rentals to Match Any Set of Needs

Portable Restroom Trailers

United Site Services is proud to lead the industry in portable restroom trailer services. Our restroom trailers and facilities help to ensure the smooth functioning of any event or major construction project, both in the long and short term. All United Site Services portable restroom trailers are reliable, dependable and tailor made to your situation, including delivery and out of hours assistance.

Platinum Series Portable Restroom Trailers
Our premier restroom trailer range boasts stylish design and luxury fittings, making this the portable restroom trailer of choice for top class events. Learn more about our Black Tie restroom trailer rental.

Gold Series Portable Restroom Trailers
Elegance and quality are the hallmarks of our Gold portable restroom trailers. All the comforts of home from a restroom trailer. Learn more about our Gold Series restroom trailer rental.

Silver Series Portable Restroom Trailers
The Silver restroom trailer range is ideal for events, featuring a flushing bathroom, interior lighting, partitioned stalls, running water and more. Learn more about our Silver Series restroom trailer rental.

VIP Solar Portable Restroom Trailers
Need more than a standard portable restroom? Our VIP Solar Restroom trailers offer a spacious bathroom solution. Learn more about our VIP Solar restroom trailer rental.

ADA Accessible Portable Restroom Trailers
For public events or construction sites, ADA restroom trailer rentals are the ideal restroom trailer solution to ensure an enhanced guest experience and you meet specific ADA code requirements.


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