Platinum Series


Platinum Series Elegant Portable Restrooms

All Platinum Series Luxurious Temporary Restrooms are equipped with:

  • A spacious interior cabin that comfortably accommodates up to 4 people at a time. This includes (2) urinals and (2) flushing porcelain toilets that have floor to ceiling stalls for maximum privacy
  • A comprehensive lighting system and climate control so your events guests can easily navigate within the trailer and be comfortable while utilizing its facilities
  • Premium vanity mirrors and wooden accent pieces that rival elegant restrooms in swanky hotels
  • Simulated wood or tile flooring and premium solid surface countertops to help give the Platinum restroom trailer a more finished professional look and make clean-up easier
  • Premium sound system to create the ambiance of an interior bathroom and block out any unwanted noises

Elegant portable restrooms such as our Platinum restroom trailer are available at your local neighborhood United Site Services office and can be dispatched for delivery next-day (some restrictions apply). Our skilled delivery technicians will inspect the elegant portable restrooms meticulously to ensure it arrives in pristine condition, park and secure it where your staff directs them, service the elegant restrooms at agreed-upon intervals, and pick up the upscale portable restrooms. Our team consists of background checked individuals who have a wealth of industry experience and knowledge that also pride themselves on being on-time, every time.

United Site Services is the #1 supplier of elegant portable restrooms in America and really shines because our team is passionate about making your big day run as smoothly as possible.

Platinum Series Luxurious Temporary Restroom Features:

Climate Control

During the winter you need heat to ensure the comfort and safety of your guests, and the summer needs air conditioning for the same reasons. Each Platinum restroom trailer comes fully equipped with a fully controllable climate control system so you can adjust the internal temperature to best accommodate your guest’s needs.

Sound System

Elegant portable restrooms aren’t complete without proper audio equipment. Your guests can remain entertained and use our upscale portable restrooms in peace because our Platinum luxurious temporary restrooms have a high-quality surround sound system custom fitted into them.

Porcelain Fixtures

These Platinum elegant restrooms all come equipped with like-new porcelain toilets and urinals which have a nonporous surface for minimizing exposure to bacteria and giving the restroom a more modern look and feel. That means your elegant portable restrooms will be more sanitary, require less servicing, and stay dry for longer.

Hot & Cold Running Water

Besides just looking more comfortable, the Platinum restroom trailer has porcelain sinks that are all fitted with variable temperature running water valves. That means a better end-user experience and will allow your guests to freshen up properly no matter the outside temperature.


Uses for Platinum Series Luxurious Temporary Restrooms

The Platinum restroom trailer rentals are perfect for:

  • Elegant weddings or private social events
  • Galas or high end fundraising events
  • Corporate events
  • VIP areas at concerts, festivals or sporting events
  • Restroom remodeling projects at corporate facilities

Get Platinum Series Luxurious Temporary Restrooms now from United Site Services

Planning upscale or formal events come with lots of challenges, but providing adequate restroom facilities shouldn’t be one of them.

United Site Services Platinum trailer rentals come with curbside delivery, pick-up, and complete servicing. Our skilled delivery team prides themselves on their strict attention to detail when it comes to servicing and cleaning your elegant restrooms. The team maps out an ironclad servicing plan based on your events specific details. They take into account the number of guests, how long the event lasts, whether you are serving food and beverages, and much more.

When you need the very best in luxurious temporary restrooms you can count on United Site Services.

(Inventory varies by location and is subject to availability)

Note: interior styles, amenities, options, sizes and availability vary by location. Please consult with your account manager to explore available options in your area.


(Inventory varies by location and is subject to availability)


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