Restroom Trailer Rental Cost


If you are interested in a portable restroom trailer rental for an upcoming event or project, you will likely want to understand the cost to rent a restroom trailer near you. In comparison to a portable toilet rental, portable restroom trailer rentals cost significantly more. The trade off between a portable toilet rental and portable restroom trailer is quite significant when it comes to comfort however. Many of the features and amenities of a portable restroom trailer are similar to what you would expect at permanent bathroom facility including flushing toilets, running water sinks, interior lighting, climate control and a wide range of different design styles.

Main Factors of Portable Restroom Trailer Rental Prices

Like portable toilet rentals, portable restroom trailer rental prices range based on features, availability and proximity to your event or project site. Some of the key aspects of portable restroom trailer rental prices are:

  • Portable Restroom Trailer Size – the larger they are, the more they cost
  • Interior Design of Bathroom Trailer – the nicer they are, the higher the price of the trailer
  • Specialty functions – if you need your bathroom trailer to be ADA Accessible or have showers, the more it will cost
  • Availability of Inventory – at USS, we have the largest inventory of portable restroom trailers, however, even we run short during peak times
  • Location of Your Event or Site – with over 115 locations coast-to-coast, our bathroom trailer rentals are just a stones throw away, however, some locations may be subject to a delivery fee.
  • Utilities required – in order to run your portable restroom trailer rental, we will need to connect it to power and a water source. If not already on site or available near the setup location, our teams can provide these services for a fee.

What Size Portable Restroom Trailer Do I Need?

Our restroom trailer rentals come in (5) convenient sizes to match any event or project need. Restroom trailer rental costs are determined by the size of your trailer which could be:

  • Compact: 1-2 station restroom trailers
  • Small: 3-4 station restroom trailers
  • Medium: 5-6 station restroom trailers
  • Large: 7-8 station restroom trailers
  • Extra Large: 9+ station restroom trailers

(Note: station is considered a bathroom stall with toilet or a urinal)

Portable Restroom Trailer Prices Impacted by Style

Like with most things in life, the nicer a restroom trailer rental is inside, the more expensive it will be. That is not to say that they aren’t affordable but when considering the different portable restroom trailer rental prices you will quickly see that there is a difference between elegant interior styles and your more basic options available to you. Here are the different restroom trailer series with USS:

Functionality & Restroom Trailer Rental Cost

If you thought there was already a lot to consider with the cost, size and style of restroom trailer for your event or project, we have one last item to throw your way. If you have elderly or handicapped guests attending your event or perhaps you are renovating a public restroom, you will almost certain need to consider an ADA Accessible Restroom Trailer. The rental cost of an ADA Restroom Trailer is slightly more expensive than the same trailer that is not ADA compliant.

Have guests staying on site overnight or staff working around the clock? If the answer is yes, consider getting a shower trailer rental. Some restroom trailer rentals actually have showers inside as well and can be a nice alternative. restroom shower combination trailer rental prices can be a little more expensive as well, like the ADA accessible bathroom trailers.

(Inventory varies by location and is subject to availability)

Platinum Series

Elegant option for black tie affairs & other VIP events

Our Platinum Series combines top-of-the line design elements like private floor to ceiling stalls, classy flooring and stylish countertops with upgraded comfort amenities for your guests.

Gold Series

Tasteful option for guests at any type of occasion

The Gold Series boasts a fresh “just like home” look and feel featuring premium wood or tile flooring, faux marble countertops, running water sinks and flushing toilets for ultimate comfort.

Silver Series

Economical option for public events and private gatherings

Our Silver Series offers basic interior design elements with simple features like flushing toilets and running water sinks that make this series a crowd pleaser at a great value for events of any kind.

VIP Solar Series

Versatile option for smaller events and film shoots

The VIP Solar Series comes in a simple design with several size and utility options to provide an added level of comfort to guests, staff or visitors at your event, film shoot or project.


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(Inventory varies by location and is subject to availability)


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