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53-Foot Shower Trailer

Shower Trailer Side Features
  • 16 private shower stalls
  • 6 metered sinks
  • 2 trash receptacles
Shower Trailer Highlighted Amenities
  • Each stall has a dressing area with a bench
  • Heated shower areas
  • 1,200 gallon fresh water tank
  • Six sinks with mirrors and electrical outlets
  • Seven porch lights
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Shower Trailer Size with Frame: 53’L x 8.5’W x 12’H

Exterior Color: White

Interior Wall Color: White and green

Electrical: Electricity – 220 60 AMP, single phase

Water: Outside source through garden hose

Shower Trailer Service Capability:  Two 1,500 gallon rubber bladders for gray water storage

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