Portable Generator Rental


A portable generator rental is an essential business need, a wonderful convenience, and can be a life-saving backup power system. United Site Services is an industry-leading supplier of power solutions and generator rentals. Rent a generator from USS and be assured that you’ll receive top quality equipment, on-time delivery, and reliable customer service. We’ve built an unparalleled reputation over our 18 years in business, and our growing base of 115,000+ satisfied customers has allowed us to extend our services to more than 90 locations around the country.

A generator rental is a smart choice because they are expensive, hard to travel with, and can be difficult to maintain. Portable generator costs can vary depending on the size and wattage needed with the larger options being quite expensive. For short-term projects, remote projects, or projects out of town, it makes more sense to rent a generator than purchase a portable generator.


Generator Rental Features:

  • Professional advice regarding what portable generator to rent, how many of them you’ll need, and what other considerations you may consider before you rent a generator from our project planning experts
  • Full-service delivery, installation, and generator rental removal by our trained and certified electrical department technicians
  • Use of the finest portable generator rental equipment in the industry from local branch locations near you
  • Award-winning customer service on standby to answer any questions regarding the maintenance and operation of the generator rental.

United Site Services has been a proud provider of generator rental services in the state of California for over 15 years. Our industry expertise combined with our fleet of portable generator rental options makes us the obvious choice for your projects needs. We pledge to over-deliver in each area of our service including customer service, affordability, top-quality equipment, and more.

A generator rental can be used for just about anything you can dream up. Some popular uses are:

  • Movie Productions
  • Concerts and Outdoor Festivals
  • Campsites and Secluded Hunting Cabins
  • Residential and Commercial Construction Sites
  • Disaster Relief Efforts
  • Large Events or Remote Location Events
  • Remote and Short Term Construction Projects
  • State and Local Fairs and Festivals

Determining the wattage needed can be difficult, but our experienced customer service team can walk you through the process to ensure you have more than enough power for your event or project. Typically our WhisperWatt Generators come in 25, 60, 70 and 150 KVA so you can feel confident knowing we have the right equipment to fit your project’s needs. Should you ever need more power, our delivery team would happily upgrade your portable generator rental as well.

Each generator rental delivery technician is fully background checked, drug tested, highly trained, and licensed to operate the heavy machinery required to get the job done reliably. They will arrive on-time and coordinate with your team to make sure the generator is placed in the proper area where not only your team can access it, but so our service team can regularly maintain and inspect the unit.

(Inventory varies by location and is subject to availability)

Each portable generator rental comes equipped with LED & LCD displays and indicator lights to inform the end user of the need for maintenance, oil pressure levels, fuel levels, current load levels, and more. Each of our generator rental units has backlit display options so you can utilize the generator in low light situations.

Generators are often powered by propane, natural gas, gasoline, and diesel fuel. The varying fuel types have a large impact on overall wattage, horsepower, and amps produced by the generator. Here at United Site Services, we use like new portable diesel generators that are meticulously inspected and maintained between rentals to ensure your portable generator rental arrives in pristine working condition and stays that way throughout the life of your project. Since the portable generator rental is diesel-fueled, they will provide high horsepower outputs which are ideal for a project drawing lots of power like a construction site or local fair.

(Inventory varies by location and is subject to availability)


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