Did you know that United Site Services’ portable restrooms reduce fresh water usage by approximately 13 million gallons per day. At United Site Services, sustainability and caring for our environment is something we strive for each day.  We use formaldehyde-free deodorizers, aerosol free hand pumps and Energy Star equipment in all our daily business practices. Many of our restroom trailer rental units feature low flush toilets and metered fixtures to conserve water and low voltage LED lighting to minimize power consumption.


USS Green Initiative

United Site Services is committed to making sensible choices to reduce our use of energy, our production of harmful emissions and our use of wasteful packaging and chemicals that can harm our environment.  We make honest efforts every day across all facets of our organization, even down to the use of thin client computers by our customer service team to reduce the amount of electricity used.  We are not “certified” green, as there is no agency that officially certifies any company in our industry, so be sure you ask when anyone makes a certified claim.  Be sure they make the daily efforts across their entire organization to help our environment.


Reduced electricity consumption

  • Installation of high efficiency light bulbs throughout facilities
  • Use of “thin client” computing reducing power use compared to full PC’s
  • All new appliances & electronics are “Energy Star” certified

Certified waste disposal

  • All waste disposed at waste treatment facilities each of which is annually inspected and certified by state DEP

Elimination of Harmful Chemicals

  • Formaldehyde-free toilet deodorizers
  • Citrus-based, non-caustic, non-flammable cleaning solutions
  • Refillable hand-pump dispensers used instead of aerosol cans to eliminate harmful propellants and disposable cans.
  • All materials purchased in bulk packaging to eliminate waste

Use of Recycled Products

  • Toilet paper and paper towels made from recycled paper