Q. Can I rent a PORTABLE RESTROOM for just one day?

Yes! Our Deluxe portable toilets are the most popular rental for weekend or one day parties. There are many other options to choose from with the ability to rent for just one day as well. It is always best to call at least one week prior to your event to ensure you secure the desired portable restroom and to coordinate proper delivery times.


Q. Will the Portable restrooms be clean for my event?

Absolutely! All of our portable toilet rentals undergo a thorough cleaning and pre-delivery inspection process to ensure your rental is delivered in like-new, pristine condition.


Q. How far in advance do I need to reserve a portable toilet?

Although we advise that you reserve your portable toilet rental as far in advance as you are comfortable, general rule of thumb would be to book your porta potty rental at least one week in advance. During peak times of the year, particularly in warmer months, inventory of portable restrooms, restroom trailers or temporary fencing may be limited. The larger the project or event, the more lead time is advised to ensure we have had the chance to properly evaluate your needs, assign rental assets and deploy the resources to your site in a timely fashion. Get started today!


Q. Am I required to have a portable toilet on my job site?

Most city ordinances specifically require portable restrooms on construction sites and inspectors will require that a porta potty is delivered before approving the inspection. In addition, American National Standards Institute (ANSI) suggests 1 Portable Restroom for every 10 people on a jobsite over a normal 5 days / 40 Hours work week. Events also require portable restrooms and in some case portable hand washing stations where food is being served. For more information on ANSI portable toilet rental requirements, please click here or contact your local USS customer care office at 1-800-TOILETS.


Q. What is the frequency of service on my portable toilet?

The standard service frequency for a portable toilet rental is once per week, for up to 10 people over a normal work week. Routine weekly service will ensure sanitary conditions inside your restroom for all users including replenishing of supplies. Our standard rental rates include the cost of weekly service. Increased frequency of service is available to all clients for an additional charge. Please consult with your customer care representative or account manager to learn more about additional service costs.


Q. What happens if my portable toilet gets tipped over?

When a tip over of a portable toilet does occur we ask that our customers contact our office as soon as possible to report the incident. We will then dispatch a driver to come to the site and clean the unit or switch out the portable toilet with a replacement depending on the severity of the tip over. It is suggested that clients choose the optional damage waive to protect against any losses caused by this.


Q. What is the "damage waiver?"

United Site Services offers a damage waiver program as another service to help reduce your exposure to damages when renting a portable toilet. The damage waiver is an optional provision, which will eliminate back charges for damages that occur as a result of accidents, vandalism or weather related problems.

This coverage protects you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are covered for minor damage regardless of who caused the damage to the portable restroom. When you consider the costs for a replacement unit or equipment, the damage waiver is indeed a small price to eliminate the risk. Although the majority of our customers want the damage waiver, it is not mandatory. Ask your customer service representative about details on declining the damage waiver. By declining the waiver, you will accept full responsibility for any damage other than normal wear and tear.


Q. What can be done if my unit is in an area of high wind?

Upon request in some areas, United Site Services may offer uniquely designed stakes that fit securely over the four skids on each side of the unit to anchor the unit securely to the ground, eliminating the problem of your portable restroom rental being tipped over in areas of high wind.


Q. Does a portable restroom on my construction job site really cut down on expenses and time?

By providing a portable restroom on your job site you can reduce the distance employees must travel to use a restroom as well as the time employees must spend searching for an alternative facility because no close restroom has been provided. The following chart was developed in a study conducted by the Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI).

The annual cost of 10 minutes of wasted toilet time per employee, per day:

Hourly Rate 5 Employees 10 Employees
$7.00 $1,487.50 $2,975.00
$8.00 $1,670.00 $3,400.00
$10.00 $2,125.00 $4,250.00
$13.00 $2,762.50 $5,525.00
$15.00 $3,187.50 $6,375.00

Formula: Hourly Rate divided by 60 Minutes Per Hour x 10 Minutes x Number of Employees 

x 255 Days Per Year. For more information regarding this study, please contact the Portable Sanitation Association International at 1-800-822-3020.


Q. What are the guidelines for the A.D.A. restrooms?

United Site Services offers portable wheelchair restrooms that are A.D.A. compliant for use on a construction site, commercial area, or special event in some areas. Where available, our A.D.A. units are large enough and obtain the proper elements to meet the standards that have been outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Specifically, the statute states that for single user portable toilets clustered at a single location, at least 5% but no less than one toilet unit shall be installed at each cluster whenever typical inaccessible units are provided. Accessible units shall also be identified by the International Symbol of Accessibility. The exception is that if portable toilet units are used exclusively by construction personnel who to not require the use of an A.D.A. unit, you are not required to comply with this statute. (Federal Register/Vol. 56, No. 144/July 26, 1991/ Rules and Regulations/ 4.1.2 Accessible Site and Exterior Facilities: New Construction). For the complete set of A.D.A. guidelines relating to portable restrooms, please contact our office or view our Regulations page.


Q. Where can you place my portable toilet?

We will place your porta-johns at your event or on your job site per your instruction. We will make every reasonable attempt to accommodate your wishes as to placement on the portable unit. However, we will relocate the unit or notify you if it becomes necessary so that is readily accessible for servicing. This ensures that our trucks, employees and equipment are not in danger or at risk.


Q. How do you cut down on the odors and germs within the portable unit? 

United Site Services not only pumps out the holding tank and cleans the inner bowl of the unit but also provides meticulous janitorial service both inside and out. Our employees clean and sanitize the portable restrooms at each service which includes washing with soap and water. We also provide a special detergent in the water, which acts not only as a sanitizer but deodorizer as well to keep the unit smelling great while reducing exposure to germs.


Q. How much does it cost to rent a portable toilet? 

There are a few factors to consider that can affect the total porta potty rental price. What is the length of my event, hours, days, weeks, months?  The length of time the unit will actually be in use directly effects how many toilets you might need to order. Weekend event portable toilets and sinks are typically delivered on a weekday leading up to the event and picked up on weekday following the event. Weekend delivery, service or pickup is available at an additional charge. Upgrades, like flushing toilet restrooms or restrooms with hand wash sinks will be at a higher rental rate than basic porta potty rentals. A.D.A. Accessible Restrooms might be required for your public event, large or small. The standards that have been outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, state that for single user portable toilets clustered at a single location, at least 5% but no less than one A.D.A. Accessible portable toilet shall be provided at each cluster.  If you are on a construction job site you will need to follow A.N.S.I. restroom requirements for the number of toilets needed on-site.


Q. How do you keep the water from freezing in the tanks in colder temperatures?

United Site Services has experimented with several different ecologically friendly anti-freeze options to keep the water from freezing in the tanks during the winter months in northern locations. The anti-freeze is mixed in with the deodorizing water that is placed in the tank and works to keep the water fluid and unfrozen during the colder temperatures of the year. All products used are acceptable to our waste water facilities.


Q. Where does the waste go after it has been pumped?

The waste from your portable toilet rental is disposed of at a local wastewater treatment facility in accordance with all local and state regulations.