Temporary Chain Link Fence


United Site Services is a national brand with a reputation for high quality equipment and reliable service. Simply order the temporary chain link fence length and height that you need, provide instructions for installation, and then focus on the more important details of your event or construction site setup. We’ll handle the rest.

There are a wide of variety of fencing rentals we offer here at United Site Services. Why choose temporary fence posts?


Temporary Fence Posts are Tough

Temporary fence posts are 10x stronger than a handset post because of the way the earth displaces when the post is driven makes it tighter in the ground compared to a hand driven post. This is one of the few occasions where DIY isn’t the best option. While a handset concrete-set post can be as strong as a temporary chain link fence post, it does take between 3-4 days to cure properly and can really delay your project. Hand-driven temporary fence posts, on the other hand, means immediate fence construction and immediate privacy and security.

temporary chain link fence creates a reliable and sturdy barricade that can’t be easily breached by inclement weather or erosion.

A Temporary Chain Link Fence is Affordable

Our temporary chain link fence prices are competitive with the market and also encompass delivery, installation, emergency support lines, and pick-up. Whether your project is large, small, temporary, or long-term, you can fully place your trust in us.

When you rent temporary fence posts from United Site Services, you can ALWAYS expect the following:

  • Secure installation on any surface: dirt, asphalt or concrete
  • Temporary fence posts pounded 2′ deep into the ground to stand firm in the roughest conditions
  • Durable steel chain link fencing that minimizes customer liability damage risk
  • Prompt delivery (same-day delivery available in most cases) from our skilled temporary chain link fence technicians (some restrictions apply).
  • Reliable delivery, set up and pick up performed by experienced, background checked fence technicians with the finest equipment in the industry.
  • Serviced by local branches with offices near your neighborhood
  • Windscreen, or Privacy Screenprovides additional privacy and security to your work environment. This means less worrying about protecting your sensitive materials and equipment. Windscreens also create a barrier for windy conditions so your participants or crew can be better protected from inclement weather. Lastly, a wind barrier can create a more upscale look your construction site or event. One where you can have marketing banners created that show either what the finished product might look like or give your company a place to give their sponsors additional advertising space.
  • Equipment gates and personnel gates are available as well which give you a path to safely and efficiently allow the passage of workers, trucks, and materials. We offer swing gates which require a large opening to allow the gate to swing fully open to allow traffic to pass through. For sites with less room to operate we also offer slide gates which attach directly to the temporary chain link fence and still allows sufficient room for traffic of all kinds to pass through.
  • Barbed wire provides a strong security deterrent by sending a strong visible message to anyone who might be thinking of attempting to gain illegal access to your site. Our staff will take care of the installation for you, and you can have the peace of mind that this security upgrade will significantly reduce fence jumping and climbing. This upgrade is especially useful in places with a higher rate of vandalism or theft.

Great for work zones where you are guiding vehicular and pedestrian traffic, or managing crowds at special events. Our temporary fence posts are perfect for a variety of events and projects, ranging from:

  • Short-term and long-term construction projects
  • Animal enclosures
  • Short and long term special events like sporting events and concerts
  • Nature preservation and restoration

If you anticipate that you may need to rent temporary fence posts in the near future, go ahead and give us a call now to discuss your project at 1-800-TOILETS.

(Inventory varies by location and is subject to availability)

  • Available in 6’ and 8’ tall
  • Durable Heavy-Duty Steel Construction
  • Corrosion-Resistant
(Inventory varies by location and is subject to availability)

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