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Explanation of Invoice Charges

Friday, July 30th, 2021

Rental A recurring, per-unit
charge for each piece of
USS equipment on site.
USS always invests in new equipment so we can rapidly meet your needs while providing a cleaner experience for your employees or patrons.

Every unit undergoes a rental-ready process for quality assurance before delivery. This includes an extra round of deep cleaning before the unit arrives on your site.

Starting August 2021 the rental charge will now include rental protection to cover any damage caused to USS portable sanitation equipment while on your site. You will no longer be charged for any damages or repairs.

Delivery, Set Up & RemovalA one-time charge for the safe transportation, set up, and removal of equipment on site.
Includes a base charge plus per-unit charge for each additional unit.
USS maintains a fleet of DOT-compliant delivery vehicles equipped to provide supplies and service for the initial set up and the final service. Transportation costs also include fuel and any toll fees.

Once delivered and placed in a safe location, the units are stocked with toilet paper and the tank is charged with deodorizer. The QR code is scanned to log the time of delivery and exact GPS coordinates.

When it’s time for removal, a final service is performed to remove all waste before the equipment is loaded and transported back to USS.

Service A recurring, per-unit
charge for each service performed.
Ongoing service from USS allows you to maintain safe and clean restrooms for your employees or patrons. When a service is completed the QR code is scanned logging the date, time, and GPS location of the service. In the event we are unable to safely access the unit for service, a photo is taken for our records.

This charge includes the cost of fuel and safety compliance for our fleet of service vehicles in addition to the ongoing safety, compliance, and service-quality training of our employees. Also included is our 10-point service process which includes cleaning, restocking supplies, and waste removal.

Disinfecting high-touch surfaces of every unit will forever be included as a part of our standard 10-point service. The Service Charge will now also cover the cost of environmentally-conscious waste disposal.

Cleaning your portable restrooms to the same standard as any other public restroom is possible with USS and a service schedule of at least 2 times a week. Weekly service offerings include:
• Standard: 2x per week
• Standard+: 3x per week
• Daily: 5x per week

Hand SanitizerA recurring, per-unit
charge for each service
Each service will include restocking hand sanitizer. USS provides only high-quality hand sanitizer that will provide for the health and safety of your employees or patrons.
TaxVaries by state.

The only additional charges you may incur would be off-route services we provide in the event of tip overs, exchange, or emergency services, etc.

Download Explanation of Charges.

Learn more about the August 2021 Easy Pricing Changes here.

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