Special Event Services- United Event Services

United Event Services knows that the key to a successful special event logo for United Event Services for portable toilets for special eventsrequires attention to detail. Provisioning your function with the correct quantity, quality, and type of restroom facilities is critical to a successful event. Experience has proven that people spend more time and money at special events that have adequate numbers of clean restrooms facilities readily available. Your selection of restrooms, hand wash units, or high-end mobile restroom facilities will impact attendance, profitability, and public opinions regarding your event. Regardless of your occasions; small-relaxed private parties, corporate/public events, golf tournaments, and lavish affairs - United Site Services prevails. Our team of special events coordinators collaboratively works with you to plan for a successful and memorable time. The United Site Services' team addresses your function's complete unique needs, taking into account:

  • The number of forecasted attendees
  • The weather conditions
  • The expected duration of your special event
  • The anticipated length of stay for each attendee
  • The consumption of food and/or beverages
  • The overall logistics layout and crowd flow patterns
  • The proper type and quantity of units recommended
  • The proper service requirements to maintain sanitary conditions
  • The proper placement of units

Our growing reputation has earned us the business to cater to our ever-increasing list of clientele. United Site Services is proud to maintain accounts that encompass White House events to the most private or elegant affairs. We look forward to being there and taking care of all of your portable restroom needs, so that you can relax and enjoy yourself.

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