VIP Solar Restrooms

Multimedia Assets

When your event calls for more than a standard portable toilet, the VIP Solar Toilet is a spacious alternative to our Deluxe Restroom. Affordable yet elegant, this restroom meets the needs of party and wedding planners, as well as movie and television production companies.

Wider and taller than average portable restrooms, this unit is the perfect choice for accommodating ball gowns, elaborate costumes and wedding dresses. In California, we carry solar-powered Deluxe portable toilet units that do not require electrical services to operate.

  • Solar-powered energy
  • Push button self-closing faucet
  • Fresh water flushing toilet
  • Weatherproof flooring
  • Incandescent natural lighting
  • Powered ventilation fans
  • 10x13” oval sink
  • Built-in trash receptacle
  • "In Use” light

Restroom exterior dimensions:

Height = 91”
Width = 48”
Depth = 44”

Color: Grey Trailer
Size: Varies by location