Roll Off Dumpster Rental

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We provide straightforward, cost-effective dumpster rentals for every size project, saving you time and money on waste removal.

Residential Dumpster Rental

Our smaller roll off dumpster rentals are perfect for home renovations and household cleanouts. Our dumpster units are sturdy, rugged, and equipped for general debris cleanup and can be filled with all types of furniture, carpet, tables, chairs, boxes, clothes, appliances, attic, and garage debris.

Construction Dumpster Rental

Our larger roll off dumpster rentals are perfect for big projects and commercial construction. United Site Services is a national brand with a reputation for high quality equipment and reliable service. Simply order as many units as you need and then focus on what really matters. We’ll handle the rest.

Keep in mind that our roll off dumpster prices vary from region to region and fluctuate based on a number of variables, including fuel and disposal.

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Roll Off Dumpster Features:

Our dumpster containers are available for a variety of uses including:

Construction / Demolition

Large roll off dumpsters provide an efficient way to keep construction and demolition sites organized and relatively clean. These mobile units can be quickly and easily brought on and off site, making site setup and teardown more efficient. Rent a dumpster and make your site cleaner and safer.

Municipal Solid Waste

Our dumpsters are sturdy and durable, making them great options for ongoing municipal waste disposal. Whether you need coverage for temporary events or ongoing disposal, we have you covered with our dumpster rentals.

General Waste Dumpster

When you’re looking for a general waste dumpster, you need something with the size and strength to handle... well, everything. Our sturdy, durable dumpsters ensure your waste disposal needs are completely covered, every time.

Yard Waste Dumpster

When handling yard waste, you typically want a smaller dumpster rental you can position in a convenient area or maneuver around multiple areas over the course of the project. Our 20-cu yd, open-top containers are perfect for handling yard waste.

Residential Cleanup

Residential projects also tend to require smaller dumpsters that can be positioned in smaller areas. Our 20-cu yd, open-top containers are perfect for residential cleanup projects. Rent a dumpster for any home renovation job.


For larger recycling projects, having the mobility and efficiency of a roll off dumpster can make a big difference. Choose United Site Services for sturdy, dependable dumpster rentals.

Scrap Metal

Scrap metal requires a particularly resilient dumpster to handle disposal, and our roll off dumpsters here at United Site Services are more than up to the task. Rent a dumpster and get rid of your scrap metals.


Our larger 50-cu yd, open-top containers are perfect for waste-to-energy projects. We can provide as many dumpster units as you need and deliver them on-time, wherever you need them.

Corrosive Industrial Waste

Corrosive industrial waste is unavoidable on certain types of projects. When you need a durable roll off dumpster rental unit able to withstand corrosive materials, choose United Site Services. Our dumpsters are graded to withstand a wide variety of corrosive elements commonly found on industrial projects.

Whether you need to rent a dumpster for personal use or for large contracting projects, we have you covered. You can always depend on United Site Services for quality equipment and reliable service. Get your dumpster rental prices by calling 1-800-TOILETS or clicking the button below.

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Roll Off Dumpster Specifications:

Sizes (cu. yds.) Length Width Height Weight
20 Yard Dumpster 22' 8' 4' 3" 4,350 lbs.
30 Yard Dumpster 22' 8' 5' 9" 4,950 lbs.
40 Yard Dumpster 22' 8' 7' 9" 5,760 lbs.
50 Yard Dumpster 27' 8' 7' 9" 8,200 lbs.